Top 3 Advantages of LaLiga Football Academy: 3. POPULAR – POPULAR

LaLiga Grassroots has been the cornerstone of LaLiga’s international development strategy, relentlessly expanding its reach since its inception. One standout feature is the LaLiga Academy system, which operates in many countries around the world.

What sets the LaLiga Academies apart is the LaLiga Methodology. We focus on training that combines cognitive and tactical skills, physical and psychological development, helping young athletes reach their full potential.

LaLiga Grassroots offer different programs aimed at young players which are based on a global experience structured around four fundamental pillars: Football, education, culture, entertainment and LaLiga’s experience. All our programs are backed by the best coaches and professionals of LaLiga, having been designed from the know-how and the knowledge obtained throughout the years by the best professionals of Spanish football.

? Currently, there are 9 member academies under the LaLiga Football Academy network in 6 countries around the world:

?? Miami & New York (Mỹ)
?? Toronto (Canada)
?? Dubai & Abu Dhabi (Các Tiểu Vương Quốc Ả Rập Thống Nhất)
?? Moscow (Nga)
?? Jakarta (Indonesia)
?? TP.HCM (Việt Nam)
? In the near future, another member academy will also be established and put into operation in Kuwait. This shows that the name of the international LaLiga Academy system has spread widely and grown stronger.
We at LaLiga Academy Vietnam are proud to be part of this prestigious and professional LaLiga Academy system. We are committed to bringing world-class training and coaching quality to Vietnamese football.

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